About us

Hinano - the massage spa oasis in the heart of Munich. Experience extraordinary massages, like you know it from holiday resorts, but without rush or long distance flights.

Our name Hinano comes from Tahiti and is the male blossom of the screw pine or pandanus palm. Hinano stands for a journey, on which you will be able to experience the best massage techniques from all over the world. Our massage therapists went through education from senior masters and all have long years of practical experience.

Many people care much about their appearance, but often forget to put the same focus on their inner balance. At Hinano you'll be able to experience massage techniques from Hawaii (Lomi-Lomi), India (ayurvedic), Thailand, Tibet or Sweden. We offer an unrivaled amount of choices for your relaxation and recreation.

As everyone has individual needs, we'll help you finding the perfect treatment and also our therapists will adapt their massage on your actual wishes.

Just call us at 089/30907370 and make your appointment for an experience you'll never forget!