Our offerings for Munich based businesses

We offer individual packages for businesses, which are the ideal benefit for your employees or your customers.

Scaled prices, framework agreements or voucher packages - we have an offering, that is tailored for the needs of your company. We are happy to consult you in a personal meeting.

What are your benefits?

With our offerings for your employees:

- Non-cash benefit for health/wellness. Increases your employee retention.

- Your employees will be tied closer to your company and will be more motivated and satisfied with their work.

- Our massages offer relief of tensions in the back, neck and head of your office based employees.

- Our feet and leg massages offer ideal health prevention for your mobile employees.

- Massages will also relief stress and help people to relax, which increases productivity and effectiveness of your employees.

- Healthy and relaxed employees will have less absence days.

With our offerings for your customers:

- A massage voucher is a highly valued bonus to your premium segment products and services and can be used as a marketing tool for customer loyalty programs.

- Our first class massage spa will satisfy and convince your customers.

- Your customer can use the massage vouchers also as a personal gift for their loved-ones.

- Health, satisfaction and comfort of your customers is the ideal tool for long-term customer loyalty.

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