Our offerings - Mon through Sat from 10am to 7pm on appointment

No matter, if you suffer muscle tension, you need to relax after an exhausting day or you simply want a special treat for your well-being, we'll always offer you the perfect massage solution.

What makes us special, is individual solutions for your needs, the best massage therapists with long term experience in a broad variety of massage techniques and our first class equipped spa oasis right in the heart of Munich.

Our classic offerings:

Cloud Nine

Your feet are carrying the whole load of the day? Indulge yourself with our feet-pampering treatment, the perfect fit for people, who stand and walk all day. It will start with a flavorsome foot-bath, after which an elaborate massage of your leg and feet will ground you. At the end you will feel light and full of energy and each step will feel like floating.

30min - 45€
45min - 65€


Södra Ljunga

Professional and endurance sports people know, that massages will not only help after injuries, but also within the regeneration process after the daily practice. Our classic massage will not only help sports people , but also everybody else after a stressful business day and will help you regaining muscle power for new adventures.

30min - 45€
60min - 75€


Wai Khru

Our Wai Khru treatment is a Thai oil massage, which will provide you relaxation and well-being. Our therapists will individually suit your needs and find a perfect combination of old Thai techniques in acupressure, knocking and stretching.

30min - 45€
60min - 75€

Our special offerings:


This is a very special massage treatment concentrates on your chest, combined with breath control exercises. It will help you to recover your breath every day.

60min - 85€

Aroma-Touch™ treatment

Not a classic massage, but rather a special floating treatment, which reduces stress in your body and brings harmony and balance by combining eight different and well composed natural essential oils with smooth, stimulating touches.

45min - 85€


A relaxing Tuina massage tratment based on the traditional chinese medicine, will revitalize all aching parts of your body.

60min - 95€


Based on the traditional Hawaiian medicine and shamanic rituals from Polynesia, our Lomi-Lomi massage offers relaxation for the whole body after an exhausting day. The soothing atmosphere, flavorsome oils and the magic hands of our experts will give you the perfect break, not only for your body, but also for your soul.

60min - 95€


Our grand oiling is a part of the ayurvedic lore originating from India. Well-tempered herbal body oils will make sure, that your lymph channels and your blood circulation are stimulated. Your body will be detoxed, which will result in stronger tonicity and agility. The ideal treatment for the exhausting challenges of every day's live.

60min - 95€


The peak of comfort - our smooth energy massage, which will be supported by Tibetan singing bowls on request, provides a boost of power and verve. The ideal treatment for everyone who is not so familiar with intense massage treatments.

60min - 95€

More offers

Longer sessions are available on request for all of our offerings.

Additionally we offer partner massage and solutions for expectant mothers throughout the whole pregnancy. Justus a call.